Who we are

The scale
of a family business

Alsapan was born from an industrial vision initiated in 1972 by Joseph Strub, an Alsatian carpenter, and then by his children and his granddaughter Cécile Cantrelle.

An unique story, whose values still structure our corporate culture:
1. Weaving bonds of trust and lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.
2. To respect our environment, the very essence of our business, through concrete and sustainable actions.
3. To think about the right way to invest our resources in order to stay on course with sustainable management.
4. To innovate with new ideas and intelligent machinery, always reinvested to gain competitiveness.


50 years of history ...

1972 Joseph STRUB creates Alsapan, historical head office in Dinsheim sur Bruche (67)
1985 Alsapan establishes a strong partnership with IKEA, which still exists today
1994 Alsapan invents the “enrobage”, the principle of machining furniture profiles
1995 Creation of flooring factory – Marlenheim (67)
2000 Takeover of furniture factory – La Courtine(23)
2007 Acquisition of coated furniture factory Boulay-Moselle(57)
2008 Creation of a production site for worktops – Wasselonne(67)
2014 Cécile CANTRELLE, president of Alsapan
2019 Parqueterie Berrichonne in Ardentes(36) extends Alsapan’s flooring range

… And a look towards the future…
Oct 2022 the flooring activity : laminate, vinyl and parquet, becomes Alsaflooring, a company in its own right.

… To make your home the most beautiful place on earth, with an extended range of creative, aesthetic, innovative products that meet drastic industrial specifications and a real objective to be transparent for the planet in 2030.


Creativity and industrial process

When simplicity meets efficiency, the creative process and industrial process complement each other to achieve our ambition: to equip every European home with Alsapan furniture or worktop.

●Our integrated team of designers perform a precise dosage between the consumer’s expectations, the eco-design of the product and its industrialization.
●Then our design office and materials purchasing department deploy the product architecture to find pragmatic and eco-responsible solutions, considering the price of the finished furniture and the recycling of the furniture at the end of life.
●The skills of other employees in the scheduling and manufacturing departments are involved to ensure that the industrial quality of the marketed product is beyond reproach.
●Finally the logistics: transport and delivery to the store or to the customer’s platform guarantee that the consumer will acquire a quality product, made in France and produced with respect for people and their environment.