Key figures

An 800-strong workforce in France

Innovation, eco-responsibility and respect for the environment are part of this family-run company’s lifeblood and an integral part of its employees’ values. Our furniture, flooring and worktops are designed to be environmentally friendly, while the panels we use come from certified forests and offer lower formaldehyde emission rates. Solar panels are fitted to our factory roofs, while our employees are genuinely passionate about protecting the environment.

ALSAPAN’s objective is to produce 2 million worktops, 5 million furniture units and 15,000,000 m² of flooring per year, for sale throughout the world, while consuming less wood and having the smallest possible impact on our forests. Innovation is the driver for this objective.

5 facilities with a surface area of 210, 000 m2 in France

3 furniture production units: (67) Erstein, (57) Boulay, (23) La Courtine

1 flooring production units: (67) Marlenheim

1 worktop production unit: (67) Wasselonne

Each plant has its own specific organisation and annual capex budget, driving constantly upgraded facilities and work methods to produce products of exceptional value for money

1 purchasing office in Shenzhen

1 purchasing office in Shenzhen, with a joint Franco Chinese team. Furniture designed in France and imported from Asia is supervised and checked by our Shenzhen (China) office, through rigorous application of robust specifications.


A team of 6 designers, a design office and a prototype workshop bring our customer’s ideas to life, on the basis of their market positioning.